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About Maggie Chadwick

Maggie Chadwick is a born and bred native of St. Petersburg! After graduating from the St. Petersburg High School International Baccalaureate program, Maggie enrolled at the College of Charleston, where she earned a Business Degree in Arts Management. She utilizes her Arts Management education and skills to leverage extreme social media cachet in the marketing of her properties and herself. 


In addition to having the good fortune of being born in this wonderful city, Maggie was also born into a family steeped in a rich history of property management and real estate development/sales. From her first job working as a receptionist in a condominium sales center; to Property Manager of 500+ units; to her current position as a Realtor® at NextHome Beach Time Realty, Maggie has been “in the business”.


Maggie’s real estate acumen reflects her life in general. She is comfortable with a diversity of challenges that run the gambit of the profession. Maggie has successfully worked with first-home buyers, as well as multi-generational buyers, looking for homes with accommodations for them and their parents! Similarly, she has straddled price points and geography from the mid-hundred thousand to million-dollar listings; from the sunshine of the beaches to shining in the Old Northeast neighborhoods!


Maggie has been a realtor for over 8 years. She enjoys all aspects of real estate, but especially being able to guide buyers and sellers with the honesty and care as if everyone is family.